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Hey y'all out there!

My name is Manuel Nguyen and guess what, I am a filmmaker and photographer!

As I am still quite young, this page is neither full of amazing experience I have made in my life so far nor of all those big clients I have worked with. I have still a long way to go, a story to be told - I am a blank page and I would like you to create that story with me!

I will take care of your ideas and bring in my ability to convey feelings and emotions through the art of cinematography and photography - so that we can create something awesome together!

This is my story so far:
I live in Austria but I have the desire to travel the world which will take me to most different places.
A few years after I had got my first skateboard, I picked up my first camera. From the beginning on, I was fascinated by capturing light in such a unique way. For me photography is the medium to express my feelings and emotions and showing the things the way they make me feel.
As I am a very ambitious person, I spent countless nights watching tutorials, experimenting, finding my own style. But I am always trying to improve because I don't want to get stuck or lost in a routine.